Phenyl 2 Nitropropene


Phenyl-2-nitropropene is a chemical compound. It can be produced by the reaction of benzaldehyde and nitroethane in the presence of a basic catalyst. It can be reduced in the presence of a catalyst to produce phenylacetone, which is a controlled precursor of methamphetamine. With lithium aluminium hydride, it can be reduced to amphetamine.

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Phenyl-2-nitropropene, or simply Phenyl-2-nitropropene, or P2NP, as it is commonly referred to, is a chemical compound from the aromatic group of compounds, with the formula C9H9NO2. It is a crystalline solid of light yellow color with a distinct smell. Phenyl-2-nitropropene is used in the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture the drug Adderall, an amphetamine mixture used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. P2NP and other similar nitrostyrenes are also employed in the clandestine manufacture of drugs of the amphetamine class, and are listed as drug precursors in many countries.

If it doesn’t, scratching the wall with e.g. a glass rod will help. If even this won’t help, it means you probably fucked something up. The yields I have had using this “adaptation”: 81% (i-PrOH), 79% (i-PrOH), 75% (EtOH) and 71% (EtOH) (yields calculated after crystallizing once; I store my crystals in the freezer and also recrystallize them prior to use).


1-phenyl-2-nitropropene is used in the production of pharmaceuticals, for instance, for drug Adderall, a drug used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy.

In the pharmaceutical industry P2NP is used to produce a racemic Amphetamine mixture, branded under the trade names Adderall and Mydayis, amongst others. In this case, the double bond is hydrogenated and the nitro group is reduced, thus 1-phenyl-2-nitropropene becomes 1-phenyl-2-aminopropan, which is another name for Amphetamine. Different reducing agents and solvents are used for this reaction, and various protocols exist. Often LAH, Aluminum amalgam or raney nickel are used as a reducing agent, and the reaction is carried in a solvent like Isopropyl alcohol or THF.

Safety and Storage

P2NP is labeled as Harmful by the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals(GHS), and is a known irritant, thus breathing fumes and direct skin and eye contact must be avoided. The median lethal dose for oral exposure in rats and mice is greater than 500 mg/kg and 1176 mg/kg, respectively. Based on available data, the classification criteria are not met to classify Phenyl-2-Nitropropene as a carcinogen, however, the toxicological properties of p2np have not been thoroughly investigated.

P2NP should be stored at 2°C to 8°C, away from strong oxidizing agents. At higher temperatures P2NP is not very stable, and degrades with time.


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